Tabatha & Shawn | Baltic Mill & Midway Village


We've had a rainy summer here in northern Illinois. On the plus side that means we've got lots of green at a time where the landscape is usually closer to scorched brown. On the down side...well...there's been more than a few weekends that rain has changed some outdoor plans.

This was not one of those weekends.

Sure we had rain. Boatloads of it. But Tabatha and Shawn did not bat an eye or let their plans be changed by a little bit of water. Hell, Tabatha loves water and Shawn has a wide-brimmed hat -  so you'll have to do better than that Mother Nature. 

After some prep in the barn,  we had a ceremony in the rain at the Baltic Mill , followed by a portrait session in the rain around Belvidere Park and the grounds at Midway Village, and then it was time to PARTY in the barn at Midway Village. And let me tell you gang, these guys can party.

So yep, it rained. Big deal. Tabatha and Shawn still shined, and their wedding day was a blast and we didn't miss a beat. And after all, if a little rain shakes your wedding photographer, you hired the wrong one.

Congrats Tabatha & Shawn. You guys rock (in a country way).

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