Samatha & Nathan: | Prairie St. Brewhouse

Samantha and Nathan exchanged vows at the majestic Prairie St Brewhouse, utilizing the character of the entire space throughout their wedding day. When I first arrived in the morning, Nathan and the groomsmen were decorating and crafting centerpieces. That "hands -on" approach showed throughout the day as Samantha and Nathan chose the rustic timbers, industrial brick backdrop, and intimate feel of the Malt Room for a cozy ceremony with family and friends and made the space their own with the addition of some vintage doors and little touches.

But it was the people that made this party great. Nathan had told me "we like to have fun. You'll see." It didn't take long. Once Luxe Productions spun up that first song, I don't think they left the dance floor. Heck, they might still be dancing.

Congrats Samantha and Nathan. Dance on.

Prairie St. Brewhouse Barrel Room Wedding Reception
Prairie St. Brewhouse Barrel Room Wedding Reception
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