Megan & Brian's Carnivale Wedding

Megan & Brian | Carnivale Wedding

Holy color, Batman. Megan & Brian's wedding exploded color like a piñata from start to finish. And I'm not just talking about the uniquely colorful decor of their chosen location - Carnivale in the Chicago's West Loop  - which was a visual feast.

I'm talking about the colorful personality and vivacious energy that permeated every second of their day. From the nervous anticipation of preparations, to an emotion-packed first-look atop the Wyndam Grand Riverfront's penthouse (also used as Bruce Wayne's Penthouse in The Dark Knight), through the infectious fun of shenanigans around Chicago and voguing it up at Carnivale, the energy was amazing. And I haven't even mentioned the heartfelt ceremony or the amazingly choreographed dance moves at the reception.

Whew...perhaps it's time to let the photos talk:


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