Mariah & Scott | Freeport Club

Mariah & Scott | Freeport Club Wedding

Mariah & Scott originally planned on having an outdoor ceremony with the beautiful grounds of The Freeport Club as a scenic backdrop. Buuuuuuut...Midwest April had other ideas - namely showers and even some sleet. So, indoors it was. Which wasn't the plan, but didn't ruin them either.

I've learned a lot over the past decade as a wedding photographer - and one of the biggest thing is that your wedding day will be what you make it. Strip away the elegant venues, the decorations, the tuxedos and dresses, and you're left with the reason for celebrating in the first place. The humanity. The people. You.  And rain can't ruin you any more than sunshine can make you.  The laughs are still there to be enjoyed, the tears are there to be shed, the hug-ees are there to be hugged, the hands are there to be held, the nerves are there to be steadied. The day is there to be embraced.

There's all kinds of different wedding photographers out there to fit all kinds of different people. I'm proud to be the kind who documents the feeling of the day, not just the look. Thank you Mariah & Scott for choosing me to document yours.

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