Lisa & Gregg's Kilbuck Creek Wedding

Lisa & Gregg | Kilbuck Creek Wedding

When Lisa & Gregg were planning their January wedding, it's safe to say that they were probably envisioning snow. But when there's no snow on the ground a random 60-degree mid-winter day is a pretty great tradeoff. 

Their chosen venue - Kilbuck Creek - is one of my favorite places to photograph a wedding. It's very scenic outside nestled in the woods, and the lodge is warm, inviting, and with plenty of space - one of those places that just helps to get everyone in the spirit of being together. And that togetherness is always great on a wedding day.

Here's a look at Lisa & Gregg's unseasonably warm January wedding. No photographers were frozen in the making of these photos. 

Thank you vendors:

Venue: Kilbuck Creek

Hair: Tease Salon

Makeup: rd artistry (Sydney)

Catering: Costa's

DJ: Premier Creations

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