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Keri & Shayne | New York City Destination Wedding

Once upon a time Keri and Shayne went to New York City and took it by storm. They brought me along to document their conquest of the concrete jungle.

A ceremony in a treehouse in Central Park. A first dance at a castle. A second dance to a doo-wop band in the park. A third dance in the subway. An epic stop at Grand Central Station. Exploring the streets of Harlem. And the bouquet toss of all bouquet tosses in the middle of Times Square.  

This is their story.

  • Ryan Davis Photography

    on June 23, 2016

    Thank you Michelle!

  • Oh I think you took my breath away Ryan Davis Photography. Thank you so so much for making me feel like I was actually there at Keri and Shaynes Wedding. Tears were freely shed while seeing the love pour through these photos. Kudos guys. Create a beautiful life for your children. Much Love, Michelle

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