Kelli & Pat - Prairie St Brewhouse Wedding

Kelli & Pat | Prairie St Brewhouse Wedding

Rain happens. But just because the drops are coming down, they don't need to bring your wedding day down along with them. Wedding days are ultimately made great by the people involved in the day, not the weather. And so I had no doubt that Kelli, Pat, & crew would have a day filled with celebration, no matter the temperatures and conditions outside Prairie St.

So just remember to hire a photographer who you trust to be able to  adapt to the crazy weather conditions that the good ol' Midwest throws at you (I know one...ahem) and then celebrate like you don't have a care in the world.

Now everybody raise a PBR and have a look at Kelli & Pat's big day. Cheers!

Thank you vendors!

Church:St. James Church

Reception: Prairie St. Brewhouse

Florist - Flowers By J’Laine

DJ / Lighting- Luxe Productions

Makeup, Hair - Lucette Salon

Videographer - PD Wedding Film

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