Lutherdale Summer Bible Camp Wedding Reception

Brittany & Kevin | Lutherdale Bible Camp Wedding

When you photograph 30+ weddings a year like I do, you see a lot of unique venues. But some venues hold more meaning to a couple than just a place to hold a wedding. Brittany and Kevin's chosen wedding venue is definitely at the top end of that list.

They held their ceremony in a beautifully secluded worship spot on a hillside forest overlooking the Lauderdale Lakes at Lutherdale Bible Camp . But this wasn't just a wedding venue for the two of them - it was much more special. Brittany has been attending Lutherdale's camps for years in the summer, and the two of them actually met at Lutherdale while working as counselors. So this place is near and dear to their hearts.

Their heartfelt , emotional ceremony was held at the very site when they attended worship services out in nature. Their reception was held in the dining hall where both had chatted with their friends at lunch with friends about how each other was "The One!". And we snuck out to the very dock where Kevin proposed to Brittany (spoiler alert: she said "Yes!") to catch a few photos at sunset - complete with a shooting star.

You can't ask for much more than that. Have a great summer, guys. Here's a look:

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