Becky & Mike | Klehm Arboretum Wedding

Klehm Arboretum Wedding

I've often heard that rain on your wedding day brings good fortune. Well, in that case Becky and Mike should buy lottery tickets whenever they get the chance. A 10% chance of rain quickly turned to a 100% chance of getting soaking wet during a garden ceremony, and while we waited until the last possible minute to make the call, we ultimately had to move the ceremony from the planned garden site at Klehm Arboretum.

But just because we had to move the site doesn't mean we didn't have an option. Mother Nature may have tricked us with unexpected rain, but we had a few tricks up our sleeves as well. Thanks to the majestic architecture of the Klehm Arborteum vistor's center (and a huge awning), Mike and I quickly devised a plan to stick with an outdoor ceremony that would be covered from the rain but still offer a memorable backdrop. The ushers gathered a few seats for the immediate family and the staircase railings served as the aisle. The staircase itself afforded a stadium-style standing-room-only view for all the guests, huddled beneath the awning to get a great view of the nuptials.

And of course it helped a lot that both Becky and Mike had a relaxed go-with-the-flow attitude that made the day a breeze, rain or shine. Roni Golan was on-hand to create a magical live painting during the reception, inviting guests to add a brushstroke for a massive piece of art for the bride and groom. And speaking of the bride and groom - these guys were here to celebrate, weather be damned. They danced all night as if their lives depended on it - with boundless energy, bouncing across the room and working it's way throughout the crowd. The kind of dancing that is the physical representation of joy and makes me really happy to capture photographs of the whole thing.

So maybe I was the one with good fortune, after all. Here's a look back at the day. Congrats Becky & Mike! I'm off to get some scratch-offs.

Klehm Arboretum Wedding
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