Connor's Senior Photos

Connor: Rockford Auburn Senior

Fall is quickly approaching but a just a few weeks ago we were smack dab in the middle of a summer hot spell. That's when I caught up with Connor for his senior portrait session. Connor is on Auburn's swim team here in Rockford, so naturally we started his senior pics out a a pool. The pool at Forest Hills Country Club to be exact, early in the morning before it opened to the members. But hey, nothing wakes a photographer up like having thousands of dollars of equipment dangling off of them 15 feet above a pool, perched on a diving board. It's much more effective than coffee.

After the pool shoot, we reconvened that evening at Connor's grandparents farm to get that country / rural feel. We successfully dodged thousands of mosquitos (mostly) and got the shots we were looking for without too much blood loss by anyone. Thanks for being a trooper, Connor! 

With the aforementioned Fall weather approaching  ( and my schedule still full of plenty of wedding photography) my available portrait spots filling up fast. Sooooo...if you'd like to book something contact me soon.

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