Austin & Sasha - Ryan Davis Photography

Austin & Sasha's Post-Wedding Session | Anderson Japanese Gardens

Anderson Gardens Couple's portraits

My aim when photographing people - whether it be a wedding, an engagement session, family portraits,  (or in this case a couple's shoot a few months after Austin & Sasha's wedding) is to create photographs that show the personalities and energy of the people in the photos. I want you to see the real joy in your face, a genuine laugh, and subtle body language that makes you distinctly you.  And when people look at photos of you, I want them to feel like they know you a little bit from the images - not just a cookie-cutter scene that says "insert person here, stand over there".

Austin and Sasha made that completely easy. They have a natural chemistry together and a playfulness and comfort level with each other that is there just waiting to be shown. But hey, let's let the photos do the talking. Here's a bit from their post-wedding shoot at Anderson gardens in Rockford, IL.

Anderson Gardens Couple's portraits
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