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A wedding day is so much more than a portrait session. Want to see what a full wedding day looks like? Go here. 

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Nikki & Joe | Oak Hill Weddings, Galena

Nikki & Joe | Oak Hill Weddings, Galena

Honestly, there wasn't a thing that I didn't love about working with Ryan. From the start, looking through his blog posts, I loved his style. It's much more fluid and relaxed and I didn't want super posed rigid pictures so that fit really well with our style. Plus he seemed like he made everyone look good, which was a definite selling point. I also loved his pricing; one price for a set amount of hours and all of the photos are yours. It made it so I knew I could rely on him to be there all day. He helped me set up the schedule for the day and was awesome about getting everything in without it ever feeling rushed (we did pictures at the B&B, downtown Galena and all over the venue...I thought I may be trying to do too much, but he made it all fit perfectly).

He also was quick to jump to action. I was getting ready when he arrived and rather than wait around for instructions from me he dove right in and began taking pictures. It was so nice to have something that I didn't have to worry about that day lol...He and his assistant both picked up really fast on the things my (now) husband Joe and I liked (anything fall/halloween related) and they were quick to incorporate those things into the process. They were both incredibly helpful all day; his assistant even helped me set up my tables at the venue. We left for our honeymoon right after the wedding and by the last day of our trip he had already emailed me to tell my they were done.

Ryan was actually the best decision we made for the wedding, we were so happy with him on the day and then the pictures just turned out awesome. Definitely I would work with him again. I was so nervous about having a camera in my face all day and about how the photos would turn out. Joe and I are notoriously bad at having our pictures taken so I really thought we'd maybe get a couple where we didn't look totally awkward, but Ryan surprised me. I was never uncomfortable having a camera on me AND we got good pics.

From Nikki & Joe | Galena & Oak Hill Weddings